Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Banana Cake with Chocolate Frosting

This months "Cake Slice Bakers" voted on "Banana Cake with Chocolate Frosting" from Southern cakes by Nancie Mcdermott. I really can't give an honest opinion about this cake. I burned the top of the inside of my mouth with hot food and I was left with this huge blister that wouldn't heal! Every time I took a bite of the cake it stung and hurt so bad I couldn't savor the cake!

The frosting recipe is another story! I don't know what I did wrong, I completely ruined the frosting! As the frosting was cooking over the heat the melted butter seperated from the chocolate mixture. I continued to let it simmer for the five minutes hoping it would all come together but it just didn't happen. I don't know if I over mixed while cooking or if substituting the evaporated milk/half-and-half for light milk made the difference. I was too frustrated and tired to attempt another batch. I ended up just making a basic thin chocolate icing instead.

Hopefully I have better luck next time! Click here for the printable recipe.


Katie said...

Sorry to hear you had burnt your mouth - that's horrible.
Your cakes look yummy even if you couldn't enjoy them. I had problems with the frosting too - it was very thin but drizzlings good too. Your cakes look wonderfully glossy.

Jo said...

Oh dear! Anyway your cupcakes turned out great and yours is the first I've seen from the group. Most had baked cake sizes or pans instead. Great job altogether.

Monica H said...

Oh your mouth! I hope it's better by now :-(

It seems everyone had mixed reviews about the way the frosting turned out. weird!

Leslie Limon said...

I hope your mouth is feeling better. It sounds painful. :(

Now I'm kind of glad that I didn't cook the frosting.

How many cupcakes did this recipe yield?