Saturday, July 20, 2013

Boston Cream Pie-lets

This months "Cake Slice Bakers" selection was Boston Cream Pie-lets. I haven't participated the last two months. Honestly I was not feeling the winning selections. And when this month we chose the pie-lets I wasn't too enthusiastic either. Especially after reading that two of our group bakers had trouble with the recipe. I had decided not to make this one either.

Loved the texture and flavor of the batter

But then on Tuesday night when I came home from work I started re thinking the recipe. I knew I would feel bad about skipping another month. So, I grabbed the book and started going over the ingredients. I had all the ingredients on hand to make 1/2 a recipe. I figured if its a fail, at least I didn't waste a full recipe of ingredients, plus I really had to use up the heavy cream in the fridge by the end of the week.

 I used a 9" pan to bake my cake, and only greased and lined the bottom of the pan. The cake had shrunk for two of our bakers and I figured if I skipped greasing the sides of the pan it would stick to the sides and keep it from shrinking during the cooling process. It worked! 

The cake baked really nicely, and was light and spongy to the touch. Loved it! It had such a nice flavor and texture. 

The custard also turned out delish! I didn't have whole milk, I simply added heavy cream to 1% milk to make it whole. I used regular vanilla instead of the vanilla pod. The custard was silky and creamy and had a perfect balance of vanilla. Loved it!

I don't have any ramekins or small dessert dishes. I used ice cream sundae glasses, worked just fine. the glasses were deep enough for three layers of the dessert.

The ganache also turned out delicious! Silky and smooth!

I skipped dinner just to be able to afford to have one of these. It was 100% worth it! My husband absolutely loved this dessert. I have a feeling this will be requested often.

Mmmmmmm! Wishing I had leftovers right now!


Paloma said...

I am so happy you joined us for this challenge! Not let the fact that the winning cake is not your favorite discourage you... See? You were pleasantly surprised! I am so happy you loved this dessert! and now... you have a new sweet thing to surprise your hubby with! :) Your ice cream glasses worked beautifully!

The Ninja Baker said...

Smart move to skip the buttering the sides of the pan. Appreciate, too, the tips about mixing heavy cream with 1%

P.s. Sundae glasses are a spectacular way to show off this classic cake. Bravo!

Becca Looney said...

Yay! So glad to have you back after a 2 month pass. :) Your pie-lets turned out lovely. And I really like those cups you used!

Anne@FromMySweetHeart said...

Anabel...if you whipped this up at the last minute one night....I am amazed! It is absolutely perfect! And you looks so pretty in your dessert a very special treat! Glad you decided to make it after all! : )

Laura@bakinginpyjamas said...

They look great, glad to see you back baking with us.

Kalyan Panja said...

Just mouthwatering...looks delicious!

Emily said...

Anabel! I made the full recipe for the cake but half for the pudding.

You are right! July's bake is awesomely delish!

Cupcakery said...

Welcome back Anabel! here's tomore baking and more surprises along the way! I love the look of your pudding, it's a lot more yellow than mine but it was heavenly wasn't it! Hazel x

Cupcakery said...

Hi Anabel, I know you know this already... But I didn't want to leave anyone on my list out! ;)

I thought I would swing by and let you know of the new things that are going on in our group (maybe you already know all of them, so I apologise if this is repetitive, I just want to make sure I include everyone!)
We have a few new, very exciting things coming up in the next few weeks. Starting on August first, it will be the groups 5th anniversary! Paloma has asked for those who can and are willing to participate in a little birthday celebration, to send her a photo of a special cake or bake that you have baked recently, to share on our birthday date. You might like to pop a little 5 candle on it or mention 5 in some way, the choice of bake is yours so it would be great to have you join.
Paloma has also started a Hospitality Committee, which I am part of and why I am posting this message to your blog… to welcome our new bakers to the group, and simply check in with our other bakers to encourage them to bake and continue with the monthly challenges. It is sometimes hard to stay committed, to take an easier road, to not bake at all, be it over work, families or everyday life. I get it…I long for more time in the day too... But I am here to encourage you to bake, to let me know if you need a break, to be part of this group and enjoy yourself!
I would encourage you to check in with us through our Cake Slice group on Facebook if you can, stop by for a chit chat, just to say hello, or ask a silly question! That’s what we are here for!
I look forward to baking with you soon and am so excited to be part of such and amazing group!

Hazel @Cupcakery

All That's Left Are The Crumbs said...

Your pie-lets turned out fantastic. You actually reminded me that I also did not have whole milk so I did the same thing and added cream - great minds think alike;)

Stacie said...

Welcome back! Your pie-lets look great!

Monica H said...

My cake did not have a nice texture. but I think it's because it shrunk and the crumb tightened. The author says it could have been from undermixing, but I'm not so sure. I'm glad yours came out!