Saturday, December 20, 2014

Buttermilk-Glazed Mini Fig Cakes

The Cake Slice Bakers had another four recipes to choose from this month. I chose a recipe I wasn't familiar with. These mini fig cakes turned delicious! I went on the hunt for the key ingredient in this recipe, fig preserves.  

Luckily I didn't have to hunt very long. World Market had the preserves along with a long list of different varieties I didn't know were available. I love this place! 

I decided to make these cake on an evening I had to return to the hospital to see my grandmother. She was on her second week of being admitted and her appetite wasn't all that great. I figured these would spark an interest in her appetite. It worked she had half of one, only because she was on a strict diet regiment, otherwise she would had ate the whole cake. She loved them! She also mumbled while she ate the cake, a very good sign. 

I loved everything about this recipe! I was a little skeptical about the buttermilk glaze. I made, tasted, loved it, and brushed it on the cakes! I thought they were perfect just with the glaze, but my husband wanted the hard sauce on them. I honestly didn't want to include it, just because I thought the cake was sweet enough and it would just be overwhelming. It wasn't! It was a perfectly balance bite! The hard sauce turned out smooth, light, and creamy!
For the recipe click here!
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The Ninja Baker said...

Thank you for your tips, Anabel. I may very well be heading to World Market to pick up my fig preserves so I can make these beauties! Good to know, too, that the glaze and the hard sauce equals perfection!

Rachel | A Sweet Muddle said...

Hi Anabel, I'm so glad to see you baked these as well, and by the sounds (and looks) of them, they turned out really well! Happy holidays :)

Maria Zioga said...

How beautiful little cakes Anabel! I love fig jam. I can eat the whole jar in one go! But the Baklava Cheesecake was "calling my name" so I went for that! Happy Holidays!

Emily said...

You have perfect little fig cakes there, love that you made the hard sauce too. I came across the term 'hard sauce' before and wondered what it was!

Laura@Baking in Pyjamas said...

Anabel, I'm so pleased these worked out well for you and by the sounds of it your grandmother clearly enjoyed them. They look wonderful! Happy New Year Anabel :)

Sandra Lee said...

That buttermilk glaze was awesome and I will be using it again! It's probably a good thing that we don't have a World Market anywhere near me. I'd be so broke!!