Saturday, June 20, 2015

Caramel Cake

Caramel Cake was my choice this month for the Cake Slice Bakers. Other choices were Pink Lemonade, Hummingbird cake, and a Blueberry Coffee Cake.
My choice this month was based on what ingredients I had on hand. This recipe was quite easy to make, and the result was delicious. 

The cake was moist and flavorful! The frosting was easy to make, and was rich and buttery. This cake was a success, my family was quite happy with this months choice. For the recipe please visit Southern Living
Please visit the Cake Slice Bakers for their cake adventures this month. 


Emily said...

Oh Yumms! That look scrumptious! I was looking at this cake but the pink lemonade one called out strongly!

The Ninja Baker said...

Anabel, your photos have me craving caramel cake. Mmm. Whether I've got the ingredients in my pantry or not, I want to do my best to replicate the yumminess =)

Laura@Baking in Pyjamas said...

This looks like it's just come out from the book Anabel, it looks perfect and as I can imagine tastes perfect too!

Elle said...

That's the best looking caramel cake I've ever seen...including the one I made years ago. Makes me want to grab a fork and dig in.

Stacie said...

Oh, I so wanted to make this one this month, but I just couldn't fit baking into my schedule. I will definitely file this one away for a rainy day!