Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Blueberry Mini Cheesecakes

Blueberry Mini Cheesecakes is my final selection for this seasons "Cake Slice" bakers. October is when were allowed to select any recipe from the current book to bake ending the season. The Southern Cake book from Southern Living was a pleasure to bake from this year. I had successful results each and every time I made a recipe. 

 Not having luck baking cheesecakes in the past, I decided to give this recipe a try. I'm glad I did. I loved this cheesecake recipe so much I made it three times! The second time I placed it in a water bath to bake. Giving me a beautiful result! I had no browned edges! I also chose a traditional graham cracker crust. Not having a food processor really makes it difficult to finely grind any ingredient. I hope the next time I make the recipe my food processor issue is resolved, I would love to try this recipe with the almond crust, I know it would be heavenly.

For the third bake I chose to swap the blueberries out for Oreo's! I used between 10 and 12  crushed Oreo cookies for the batter, I can't remember exactly. I also decreased the sugar in the batter to 3/4 cup. The cookies are sweet enough to make up for the sugar. The crust was also made of Oreo's. The lemon zest was omitted. I topped it with fresh whipped cream and crushed Oreo's. I strongly suggest you bake in a water bath. It makes all the difference.
May I just say that this Oreo cheesecake will leave you speechless. I made it for a dinner I was invited to and it was the star of the show! Everyone kept mumbling how good it turned out while they ate their slice. Really. Its heavenly. At home I keep getting request to make it again, and some have already requested it as their birthday cake! 

Next month we will start baking from a new book. I look forward to baking and making new friendships  with the new members that have jouned our group, and will miss those who have chosen to leave this season. Anne from "From my Sweet Heart" joined our group in 2012, Kim from "The Ninja Baker" and Sandra from "Sweet Sensations" both joined in 2013, they are leaving the group this season. Their bakes were always picture perfect, and a delight to read. I will miss them terribly, and hope that they return again to bake with us in the near future. 
For those of you interested in joining the Cake Slice, a group of dedicated bakers, please contact Laura, our group administrator, with enquiries.


Elle said...

Anabel, I think you have found the ultimate cheesecake recipe. The Oreo version is so creative and I just wish I had a piece of it...so beautiful! Looking forward to baking with you as we begin the next book! You are always an inspiration.

Carlee Scharnhorst said...

I absolutely love cheesecake! These both turned out beautifully and I love both flavor combinations. I would like a slice of each please!

Laura N said...

I'll have a slice of each please Anabel, they look brilliant! I've especially got my eyes on the Oreo one. I've never had luck with Cheesecakes so I never make them as I'm always worried they won't turn out right and I'll have wasted all my ingredients. Thank you so much for being a pivotal member of our group, I wouldn't be able to do it with you Anabel. I can't wait to see what you choose from our new book in November. Laura@ Baking in Pyjamas

Hazel said...

Oh gosh.. this look amazing Anabel! And I love how you adapted it aging with oreo's!! The blueberry in the first one looks so good.. I might have to give this one a go! hazel x

Emily said...

Oh Wow, three times you baked this! Awesome results for all! I do believe all the cheesecake recipes in this book are awesome!