Friday, November 20, 2015


November is always a exciting time for the "Cake Slice Bakers". November is when we start baking from a new book. Maida Heatter's Cakes was the new selection for this season. 

For my first bake I decided to go with Kugelhopf. A raisin-nut coffee cake, made with a yeast dough. In the last six years with the Cake Slice, I've only encountered two Cake recipes calling for yeast. Kugelhopf was one of our four selections this month, and I could not pass up the opportunity to bake with yeast.
I used a bundt pan to bake my cake, although I wished I would have had the lovely Kugelhopf cake pan.

This cake is a pretty simple recipe. I do recommend you purchase the proper pan. I had overflowed batter drip all over my CLEAN oven, not very happy about it, but my lesson learned. 
The recipe suggest the cake be eaten the next day, but do I listen? No. Not very impressed with the warm slice I had. I could not taste anything but the rum infused raisins. Not very pleasant. The next morning I decided to try another slice before I gave this cake a unfair review. The cake was ten times better, I could no longer taste the alcohol of the rum, and the cake sliced nicely. I liked it so much better. The cake is a slightly dry cake, it does get drier with time. The next time around I would definitely double the raisins and almonds in the recipe, I felt it lacked flavor. Nevertheless the cake was not wasted, my husband was never more delighted he had almost entire cake to himself to eat all week long.


Carlee said...

It is so hard to wait, even if the recipe suggests it! I was tempted to make this one too. I think if I do, I may douse it in simple syrup when it comes out of the oven to up the moisture. I do that with my babka and it makes it irresistible!

Emily said...

Oh, we should always reserve judging our cakes until the 2nd bite the following day (especially so when the author said so!). This pan is one I have yet to get my hands on, hence I have never attempted to bake one! But I think a couple of my mini pans look a bit like the original. Good for you to go ahead with this yeast cake... your cake looks so tall, and that lucky hubby of yours has his favorite cake of the month!

Elle said...

Don't have the right pan, either, but your cake looks just lovely. I think that this kind of cake is wonderful toasted and spread with good butter. My German brother-in-law would probably serve it with whipped cream. Either way, I would love a slice of your cake...on the 2nd day or course.

Laura@ Baking in Pyjamas said...

Anabel, the Kugelhopf pan is so pretty, it's definitely worth getting hold of one. I've make Kugelhopf before and also found it a tad dry, I think this is because it's part bread part cake. I'm so pleased you enjoyed this and tried something different.

Hazel said...

I had never heard of this, or the pan so didn't choose it! But I do love the sound of this wondrous cake and pan.. maybe it'll get popped on Santa's list!! Hazel x