Thursday, December 20, 2012

Mississippi Mud Cupcakes with Marshmallow Frosting

December is a crazy month when it comes to baking. I was super excited about this months Cake Slice Bakers selection. We have a annual Christmas parade every year, and I bake lots of goodies for my family and friends that go to the parade. These were going to be perfect! That is until we got the news a few days before that the parade was cancelled due to the weather! My kids and I were super disappointed! The parade is something we look forward to every year, time to spend with the family and friends. You figure the city would reschedule the event for the following weekend, but it wasn't. Which makes me even more upset just to think about all the kids, and families that look forward to this every year, and its not to say all the effort and money that is spent on the floats people enter. I wonder if the city even took that in consideration when they cancelled! Sorry, I can't get over it. Families have made it a tradition to attend this parade and I was one of them. I really hope next year the weather cooperates, and the event doesn't get cancelled.

I still got to share my cupcakes though. I made them this past weekend and picked up my nephews and nieces, took them to a Christmas concert at my church, and afterwards we had dinner and dessert at my house.We had a nice time. Love those kids!

The recipe I thought was really easy to put together. I didn't even need my stand mixer.

I really liked the recipe, it wasn't super rich like your traditional Mississippi Mud Cake. I have made it once, and loved it, even though it was super rich. I did think the frosting was lacking something, maybe a drizzle of ganache would of made these perfect!

If I ever do make these again, I will skip the frosting recipe and do a traditional butter cream with marshmallow fluff. That should be delish!