Thursday, March 20, 2014

Espresso Cake With Hot Kahlua Syrup

This month the Cake Slice bakers made Espresso Cake! Not too excited about it at first, I really wanted the Majestic Mandarin cake to win all the votes! But I sucked it up and baked it!

Not too sure what to expect... I took on the challenge! The batter was delicious! For the hot syrup I used my homemade Kahlua! Loved the balance of coffee and honey, it made the cake super moist!

The ganache took this cake to the next level! It was the silkiest smoothest ganache I have ever made. I used amaretto liqueur in the ganache. It was delicious! I could have sat and ate the whole bowl!

I really did enjoy this cake. It had a nice coffee flavor with just a hint of chocolate baked in the cake. But the ganache poured over the cake was just heavenly! Hubby really enjoyed this cake and the kids liked it as well. Definitely a keeper for me!