Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Maple Pecan Chiffon Cake with Brown Butter Icing

Cake Slice bakers choice this month is Maple Pecan Chiffon Cake. I was a little nervous about this one since Iv'e never baked a chiffon cake before, but relieved that now I can check this off my baking list. 

The recipe is pretty simple, nothing complicated about it, until........I noticed my cake rose pretty high past the edge of the cake pan. No problem right? Not! My pan didn't have feet to stand the cake up when inverted. I could not find a bottle narrow enough to fit through the spout to hold the cake up. The only thing I could find was this sharpening rod to hold it up.

Great right? Not! My arm started getting tired pretty fast, I had to find an alternative fast. Don't ask me how I thought of this but I did. Lol!

I took two cereal bowls and placed the edges of the cake pan on the edges of the bowls. It worked!

The cake baked really nicely, and I was pleased with the result.

The icing too came out really smooth and silky, until......

I came back from an errand and found that the icing had separated. Not happy at all. I tried beating it to get it to come together again, and had no success. The flavor was still delicious, but the appearance was not pretty. 

I had a hard time icing the cake, I did the best I could, but the icing kept slipping off.

Overall the cake was good. I did find the cake slightly dry for my liking. The icing I think is what made the cake yummy enough to eat. I probably wont make this cake again.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Cake Slice Anniversary

Today the Cake Slice Bakers celebrate our 5th anniversary! How time flies! I have been baking with the group for four years, and have enjoyed baking and experiencing new recipes. Some familiar and some Iv'e never heard of, and more successes than fails.

And to make this celebration complete, what better than to celebrate with cake!
I didn't join the first year, but decided immediately after joining I had to have the first years baking book. The strawberry shortcake on the front cover of "Sky High" caught my attention. 

 Unfortunately, I have never baked from the book until now. I chose this cake because it was the reason why I had to have the book. 

My only regret is not making this recipe any sooner. This is my first attempt ever making strawberry shortcake from scratch. And let me tell you I have really been missing out. I thought I was in heaven when I bought the cake shells and topped them with sliced strawberries and used the air-canned whipped cream. Well, never again! It was so good I decided to make this cake dinner, and the kids and my husband had no problem with the idea. It was fantastic!

 Throughout  the years as part of the Cake Slice bakers we have also baked from other wonderful books.
The first year was "Sky High", the second was "Southern Cakes", the third was "Cake Keeper Cakes", the fourth was "The Cake Book", and currently we are still baking from "Vintage Cakes".

Some of my favorites from "Southern Cakes" were Burnt Sugar Cake, never had heard of this before, and was very excited to make it, Pineapple upside down cake was another great one, and Fresh Apple Cake with Brown sugar glaze. All first for me.

The "Cake Keeper" also had a few favorites for me like Blueberry Buckle, and Orange-almond Caramel upside down cake. Also all new for me.

The "Cake Book" as well had two recipes I loved, Tiramisu Cake, which I had never ever had and absolutely fell in love with! And Chocolate Peanut butter mousse cake, another melt in your mouth delicious cake. Also new for me.

Our current book "Vintage  Cakes" has been also a great book to bake from, so far two of my favorites have been Boston Cream Pie-lets and Honey Bee Cake.

I have met wonderful people through this group. A few have left the group and miss dearly. I feel Iv'e had a connection with our members I have never been able to have with anybody else. I don't know anybody else that has the same desire/passion to bake and experience new recipes. I love that we get to share our experiences and can learn from each other. I really hope this baking group stays around for awhile, I would hate to see it go.

I'm looking forward to meeting and making more great friends through this group.