Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Italian Cream Cake

Italian Cream cake was my choice this month for the Cake Slice Bakers. Among the other other 3 choices there was Swoon pies, Ambrosia Cake, and Chocolate Velvet cupcakes. All the choices were potentials for me, but the one that kept just calling my name was the Italian Cream Cake.

Nobody really knows exactly how or where this cake exactly originated from. Over the years I've heard of this cake, but didn't exactly picture this cake to be made of coconut, pecans, and frosted in cream cheese. In my mind I pictured a white sponge cake of some sort, the cake layers brushed with a liqueur simple syrup, sandwiched with light whipped cream custard. 
After a little research on the history of this cake, the only thing that could be found was that its believed it was created by a Italian baker who lived in the south. All the recipes I compared all consisted of the same ingredients. 

After reading all the great reviews, I proceeded with confidence. After all, what's there not to love about pecans, coconut, and cream cheese? The result? Delicious! Tender white coconut layered cake, filled with creamy, nutty, cream cheese frosting! Loved, loved, loved this cake! For the recipe please click here!  
Please visit my fellow Cake Slice bakers to see what choice they whipped up this month!