Monday, April 20, 2015

Mama Dip's Carrot Carrot Cake

I chose to bake this month's Cake Slice choice for my husband's birthday. He's a HUGE nut fan. Big. Really BIG. So huge that quite frankly its a little annoying. Constantly always reminding me to double, even triple the nuts in my recipes. Not going to happen. Although I love nuts myself, I like to stick to the amounts in recipes. If I don't, then whats the point if I'm going to over power the other flavors with just nuts. 

His birthday landed on a Friday this year. I wanted to surprise him with a dinner and this fabulous Carrot Cake. So I chose the previous weekend before his birthday. I knew he would be tucked away in our bedroom all weekend long studying. It would give me time to sneak in his dinner and cake. A few times when he came out for a quick break, he kept mentioning how it smelled wonderful, and wanted to know what I was cooking up. Dinner, I replied. What are we having?, he asked. Food, I replied. After asking a few times and getting short answers he stopped.

Dinner was a success, completely surprising him. With all the stress he had with studying he completely forgot about his upcoming birthday. He loved his cake. We all loved the cake. I baked the recipe according to the recipe. My only adjustment was with the frosting. Adding two pounds of sugar would have resulted overwhelming. I decreased the sugar to 3 cups, the cream cheese to 1 pkg. , increased the butter to 2 sticks, and decreased the vanilla to 1 teaspoon. Perfection. Creamy, and light! 
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