Saturday, August 23, 2014

Zach's Chocolate Marble Cake

 This month for the Cake Slice Bakers I chose this delicious marbled cake! We're still baking from Great Cakes, Iv'e been pretty happy with all my bakes from this book, and this recipe was no exception!

I haven't had much luck with marbled cakes, and honestly isn't one of my favorites. I loved everything about this cake! It filled me with such a warmth as I gobbled it down with a nice tall glass of iced milk! It was probably the combination of nutmeg and honey that went into the recipe!

Everyone seemed to have enjoyed the cake and it disappeared from the cake keeper the next day! I would also like to mention that we have two more bakes from this book before we move on to the next book adventure. If anyone is interested in joining our baking group, now is the time, for we are taking new members for our new book which we will start baking from in November. Please let me know if your interested and I can forward all the information on how to join.

Please visit my Cake Slice friends and see how there baking adventure went!