Thursday, February 20, 2014

Lemon Velvet Squares

Oops she did it again! Great Cakes by Carole Walter delivered yet another mouth watering cake! This month the Cake Slice bakers baked Lemon Velvet Squares. A light fluffy cake with a hint of lemon, drizzled with a fantastic lemon glaze! And in case you didn't know I LOVE lemon cakes! There is just something about the freshness and citrus flavor combination that makes me go crazy! Plus when you pair it up with butter its just heavenly!

I had no problems baking the cake or releasing it from the pan. Some of our Cake Slice bakers had a little trouble with that. I made sure I greased my pan well and gave it a dust of flour. I absolutely loved the batter! It was really incredible, the butter and citrus flavor were perfectly balanced. The cake turned out light and fluffy, and had only a light/hint of lemon. You almost could not taste it was there.

In the future when I make this recipe again I will make sure I double the zest in the cake batter if I choose to just not to make the glaze. But other wise the glaze balances out the cake and my honest opinion the glaze is what makes the cake. I used lemon zest in the glaze and left out the vanilla.

It was perfect the whole family enjoyed it. We all had a slice for lunch since we had a late breakfast. I'm going to make sure my kids finish the cake later this evening, I don't want this cake left in the cake keeper, it's only going to tempt me to devour the rest grab another slice!