Monday, March 20, 2017

Thierry Busset's Ten Layer Coffee Chocolate Cake

This months Cake Slice cake was made with much excitement! We're celebrating my husband birthday! He's a coffee lover, and lately has become a fan of chocolate cake! With this in mind, choosing this months cake made it simple. 

The cake is a chocolate Genoise, soaked with a coffee liqueur syrup. Layered with a delicious chocolate mousse. Finished with a chocolate glacage. Sinfully delicious! 
Not only did I choose this cake because I knew my husband would love it, but because the recipe would introduce me to new ingredients and techniques I had never tried. The mousse was made with  eight egg yolk, scared me a little, but went with it. Loved the mousse, the best I've had so far! The glacage called for liquid glucose, which I had never worked with. 

Unfortunately due to my budget I was not able to acquire the three different semi-sweet chocolates the recipe called for. I used dark chocolate chips, but still curious how the cake would have resulted if I had purchased the correct chocolate. 
The cake turned out to be delicious regardless. I do want to warn you this cake is rich, deliciously  rich! If your a coffee-chocolate lover then this cake is for you!