Monday, July 20, 2015

Mexican Chocolate Pound Cake

Mexican Hot Chocolate was a favorite growing up. We always paired it up with Bolillo, Mexico's version of French bread. There is nothing better than a hot cup of hot chocolate to warm you up during those cold winter nights.

This month I was torn between two recipes, this delicious pound cake and a Key Lime Ice Box cake. The other two Cake Slice selections were Lane Cake, and a Tiramisu cake. With ingredients limited this month I decided to bake half a recipe. This recipe called for chocolate syrup, which I omitted only because quite frankly I dislike this sauce, I've never learned to like it. I did double up on the melted chocolate squares and the cinnamon. It was perfect. The batter was absolutely delicious! I even gave my husband a blind fold taste test and had him guess what the flavor of the cake was to be. He guessed correctly! Everyone loved the cake, and agreed it was Mexican Hot Chocolate! 
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