Friday, December 20, 2013

Streusel Squares

Streusel is one of my favorite things to eat! What is there not to love about the buttery crumb topping? It just makes everything better! So when this months Cake Slice winning cake was Streusel Squares I was more than delighted!

I've been watching "Cake Boss" episodes for years. One episode they featured their crumb cake and my eyes nearly popped out of my head! I swear to you if I could have afforded to hop on a plane to get to that crumb cake, I would have! Shortly after that episode the Cake Boss cook book was released with lots of their family recipes, the crumb cake recipe included! I purchased the book and read it like twice and cried both times. Just love their story. I told myself I would make the crumb cake soon. It hasn't happened. His recipe calls for a custard that is added to the batter. Its optional, but I just don't want to make the cake without it, and I'm always pressed for time. So this recipe is on my to do list when I make time.

Thank goodness there is a streusel cake recipe in Carole Walter's "Great Cakes"! And that she made it simple enough to make. I absolutely loved it! My whole family loved it! We loved it so much I made it twice. I even took some to work and my co workers devoured it!

I loved the cake even more when it was slightly warm. I washed it down with ice cold milk. Heavenly! Maranda, my Cake Slice friend suggested the cake was lacking something. Brown sugar? Nuts? I planned on adding sliced almonds to the streusel topping, but changed my mind at the last minute. I cut back the vanilla by 1/2 tsp. and replaced it with almond extract instead. It was perfect!
This recipe definitely a winner!

Please visit my Cake Slice friends to see how there cake turned out.

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