Sunday, October 20, 2013

Champagne Cake

Its been a delightful 12 months baking from Vintage Cakes by Julie Richardson. We as the Cake Slice bakers have baked our last cake as a group from this book. It wont be the last for me. I have bookmarked several cakes to make in the near future.

This year I had several favorites, Boston cream pie-lets was my #1 favorite, although not actually a cake, but cake assembled in dessert glasses with layers of creamy vanilla custard, finished with a layer of ganache. Mmmm!

My next favorite was The Classic, golden buttery cake, filled and frosted with fudge frosting. Definitely a American classic.

Honey Bee cake, and Butterscotch Cream Roll up were also a few of my favorites.

This month we did not vote on a cake. It was entirely up to us which cake we decided to bake. I chose the Champagne Cake. A perfect way to celebrate the end of this baking book. Creamy vanilla custard with a splash of champagne, in between moist light vanilla cake layers with a hint of champagne, frosted with a lightly sweet fresh whip cream. It was perfect.

Next month we reveal our new baking book, I look forward to baking from this book and making new friendships with our new Cake Slice members.