Thursday, November 24, 2011

Creamy Pumpkin Cheesecake With Ginger-Pecan Crust

This months "Cake Slice" bakers selection was this awesome creamy pumpkin cheescake from "The Cake Book" by Tish Boyle! I'm a few days late making this recipe. I wanted to wait and make it for Thanksgiving. So what did I think of this recipe you may ask? It was just like the title says "creamy"! I also loved the pumpkin seeds! I had a little trouble with the crust since I don't own a food processor. I hope that all changes tonight when I go to "Kohls" for that awesome deal  they have on the "Cuisinart" food processor, please wish me luck! I hope they have more than just one or two, and that I don't get trampled trying to grab one!
I want to wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving. Once again I have plenty to be thankful for.
Printable recipe link below.


Emily said...

Your results looking DELISH!

Hope you got what you need at that sale!

kitchen flavours said...

Your cheesecake looks wonderful! It is creamy and delicious, isn't it!
Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Shopping!

Stacie said...

Looks yummy. I hope you were successful in getting the food processor, I have a not so top of the line one, but I love it, makes things so much easier. Glad you could use the document link!