Saturday, January 21, 2012

Homemade Kahlua

Homemade Kahlua  was given to me by a co-worker as a Christmas gift many, many years ago. As soon as I went home I tried it, and was pretty impressed! It tasted just like the fancy one you buy in the dark bottle. Then I stored it away, and forgot about.
Then years later I came accross a recipe for Chocolate Kahlua Cake. I searched my pantry for all the ingredients and found my little bottle of Kahlua still there and smelling even more fabulous even after 5 years! I was a little nervous about using it in my recipe, I wasn't sure if I had stored it right, or had no clue if this could even go bad after a certain amount of time. It smelled and looked fine so I decided to go ahead and use it. My cake turned out soooo good! My bottle went back to my pantry and sat there another five years before I had use for it again. And again it came out of my pantry and into my Chocolate Kahlua cake! This stuff never goes bad! 
Then last year I came across a Kahlua recipe. I went out and purchased all the ingredients except for the Vodka. I had this jug of Vodka that had been sitting in my pantry for at least 15 yrs. I have no clue where my husband got it from, it just ended up in my pantry. I couldn't find dark bottling bottles at the dollar store, so I ended up purchasing two pre-filled bottles of dark wine instead and poured the wine down the sink. Don't worry this stuff was pretty cheap, also from the dollar store. I set the corks aside and rinsed the empty bottles with a bit of Vodka just to get all the flavor and color of the wine out of the bottles.
I made my recipe cooled it and bottled it. Then made myself a drink using the Kahlua, heavy cream, milk and ice! Result? Delicious! Just like the store bought! But more affordable!
I plan on making these for gifts next Christmas if I can find the right bottling bottles. I still have my bottle my friend gave me as a gift 11 years ago, and I think of her each time I see it, and I remember all the laughs and good times we had when we worked together. I miss her and the old work crew. We had some pretty good times.

Homemade Kahlua
4 cups water
4 cups sugar
1/2 cup instant coffee crystals
1/4 c. vanilla extract ( I use the Costco brand, which I love, and is very affordable.)
26 ounces Vodka

3 26 oz. bottling bottles

Step 1. Bring water and sugar to a boil.
Step 2. Add to coffee crystals just enough water to dissolve them.
Step 3. Add coffee to water and sugar and boil for 5 minutes, being careful not to let it boil over.
Step 4. Cool completely, then add vanilla and Vodka.
Step 5. Mix well.
Step 6. Pour into your sterilized bottles and seal well with corks.

Note: Sterilize your bottles before use.


Emily said...

Thanks Anabel for the recipe. Will give it a try sometime. Made my tiramisu!

Heather said...

I love homemade kahlua and while it's great fresh it gets better with age. I make it every few months, bottle and let it age. It's my go to when I need a gift.

Try finding a local brewing supply company they will have bottles of all shapes and sizes.

Monica H said...

My mother-in-law used to make homemade Kahlua but it's been so long. I wonder if I can talk her into making some more?!